Foaming machine
                Continuous horizontal foaming machine ZPJ1-C
                Foaming machine ZPJ1
                Rotary cutting machine
                horizontal cutting machine(A)ZPJ3
                Disc slice cutting machin ZPJ3-D
                horizontal cutting machine ZPJ3-B
                Hard foam horizontal cutting machine ZPJ3-C
                Block cutting machine ZPJ6
                Rotary cutting machine ZPJ2
                Adhesive laminating machine
                Adhesive laminating machine (type E)
                Dry powder adhesive laminating machine (type B)
                Adhesive transferring laminating machine ZPJ5-F
                Adhesive laminating machine (type D) ZPJ5 hot melting powder laminating
                Adhesive laminating machine (type A) ZPJ5
                Adhesive laminating machine (type C) ZPJ5 screen & belt type
                Blaze laminating machine
                ZPJ4--B blaze laminating machine
                Blaze laminating machine ZPJ4-A
                Peeling machine
                An Introduction to Rotary Softwood Cutter of Model XSRM-1200
                Cork veneer lathe1+002
                Sponge punch
                ZPJ2-D-2000Peeling machine
                XSRM-1600-Cutting machine

              Our factory is located in Guazhou Town in the south suburb of Yangzhou City, immediately close to Yangtze River in the south and enjoying highly convenient communications. Ours has over 10 years experience in the manufacture of sponge processing machines and boasts the capability of manufacturing full series of sponge machines. At present, our products include: foaming machines, horizontal cutting machines, rotary cutting machines, punching machines, vertical cutting machines, blaze laminating machines, adhesive laminating machines, crushing machines, thermo-electric shoulder pad cutting machines, etc. Particularly, our horizontal cutting machines, adhesive laminating machines and dry powder adhesive laminating machines take the lead in the industry in terms of performances.

              In order get adapted to the market competitions, we will continue to adhere to the principle of seeking survival with quality and seeking development with good faith, and never compete by simply lowering down the prices. We prefer to access the market with quality materials and high content of technologies, in which mode we win the customers and seek development with them.

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